We have to rebel against mass produced, poorly manufactured garments and we need to start by caring for the garments we already have.

 This is how you make your LAZA garments last forever:

Question How to wash?
AnswerIf you have a relatively new washing machine, these days the hand wash/delicate programs are more efficient than us washing by hand. 30°/ 40° degrees is best.
If you prefer to wash by hand, be gentle.
Use aloe vera based detergent, and never use softener. A splash of white vinegar in the machine is great to keep the fibers fresh and clean, don’t worry it won’t smell. Just put it straight in the machine before your garments. Give it a try.
Drycleaning is always efficient, but not as sustainable, try to take them to the store only when you have to.
Question How to dry?
AnswerDont use metallic clips, leave the garment hanging when is not too wet. As flat as possible. Avoid to hang from necklines or armholes, try to hang by the waist or half of the garment.
Question How to iron?
AnswerIf possible use an ironing cloth over the garment, if you find this too complicated then always iron inside out. Our prints and colours are as natural as possible and direct contact with too much heat/steam damages the fabric slowly.
Use the silk setting in your iron, and you can steam comfortably.
Question How to remove stains?
AnswerNever rub on a stain. Everyone tends to do this but you only end up spreading the undesired product.
Grab some kitchen roll, cut in two pieces, damp in a bit if warm water and apply pressure on both sides of the stain with it (inside and out). Hold the pressure for a bit and then tap slowly.
If the stain doesnt improve then take to the dry cleaners as quickly as you can. If it improves then repeat the proccess and wash.
Question How to give a long life to your garment?
AnswerWash your garments only when its neccesary. Hang them neatly in your closet.
Try to use a wood hanger and dont layer with other garments.
Be gentle when you use and handle them.
Question How to give it a second life?
AnswerIf you want to wear something new, bring our Lazas back to us and we will give them a new life. You will have a 20% discount to buy your next one. 😉
Never throw them in the trash, closing the circle is important to us.